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plastic surgery after weight loss near me

Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

Plastic Surgery after Weight Loss

What options are available?

Patients who lose a large amount of weight are often left with excess skin.

Options to remove excess skin and fat after weight loss include:

Tummy Tuck
Upper Body Lift
Lower Body Lift
Arm Lift
Thigh Lift
Face Lift
Am I a good candidate for surgery after weight loss?

Good candidates for surgery after weight loss include those with excess skin who have achieved a stable weight.

Dr. Raven Henderson will examine you and help determine which procedures are most suitable for you. She will then provide you expert treatment and care during the process.

After care

General anesthesia is required for most procedures after weight loss.

Dr. Henderson performs most surgeries after weight loss on an outpatient basis or with a short hospital stay.

There will be dressings and binders. Drains are placed for a few days. The stitches are absorbable. You can remove the dressings and take a shower on the 5th day after surgery. Consult Dr. Henderson for plastic surgery after weight loss surgery from RCH Plastic Surgery!